Barnett Formula Select Committee

House of Lords Press Release
Embargo: Immediate Wednesday 25 March 2009
Contact: Owen Williams 020 7219 8659


The House of Lords Committee on the Barnett Formula will this week take oral evidence at the Northern Ireland Assembly in Belfast as part of their ongoing inquiry into the purpose, methodology and application of the Barnett Formula.

The Committee will hold public evidence sessions from 9.30am on Friday 27 March. Witnesses giving evidence include representatives of the Department of Finance and Personnel for Northern Ireland, a number of notable academics and representatives of major trade unions.

The evidence sessions will be held in Block B, Conference Suite 5, Castle Buildings, Stormont Estate and are open to the public. Full details of the witnesses giving evidence are:


Leo O'Reilly, Permanent Secretary, Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP).
Richard Pengelly, Public Spending Director (DFP)
Mike Brennan, NICS Chief Economist and Head of Strategic Policy Division (DFP).


Michael Smyth, Head, Department of Economics, University of Ulster.
Professor John Simpson, Former Economist at Queens University Belfast.
Professor Colin Thain, University if Ulster.


Patrick McCartan, Northern Ireland Confederation for Health and Social Services.
Victor Hewitt, Economic Research Institute of Northern Ireland.


Peter Bunting, Assistant General Secretary, Irish Congress of Trade Unions.
John Corey, General Secretary, Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance.
Patricia McKeown, Regional Secretary, UNISON.
Seamus McAleavey, Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action.

Notes to Editors

1. The meetings are open to the public and will take place in Block B Conference Room, Castle Buildings.

2. Full details on the Barnett Formula Committee and their inquiry can be found at: