Economic Affairs Committee


Sub-Committee on the Finance Bill

The House of Lords has asked the Select Committee on Economic Affairs to set up a Sub-Committee to consider certain aspects of this year's Finance Bill. The Sub-Committee will be named and begin work on 29th April, and will complete its work and report by mid-June, before the final stages of proceedings on the Bill in the House of Commons.

The Sub-Committee's first task will be to identify the specific topics on which it wishes to report. In making this decision, the Sub-Committee is allowed only to consider so much of the Finance Bill as relates to technical issues of administration, clarification and simplification but not the incidence or rates of tax.

Bearing in mind these limitations, you are invited to respond to the following question:

What issue or issues could the Sub-Committee most usefully investigate?

Evidence should be limited to two sides of A4 paper and should be set out in numbered paragraphs. The submission should be signed and dated, together with a note of the author's name and status and of whether the evidence is submitted on an individual or corporate basis. Submissions by e-mail are preferred (as attachments in Word), with a signed, hard copy to follow.

The Sub-Committee will meet to choose its topics on Tuesday 29th April 2003. Witnesses are encouraged to send responses to this Call for Evidence as soon as possible, and for obvious reasons, evidence which is received in good time before the Sub-Committee's meeting is likely to be more useful to the Sub-Committee. A call for detailed evidence will be issued once topics have been chosen for investigation.

Evidence submitted becomes the property of the Committee, and may be published. Witnesses may publicise their written evidence themselves, but in doing so should indicate that it was prepared for the Committee.

Evidence and inquiries should be addressed to:
Gordon Baker,
Clerk to Sub-Committee on the Finance Bill,
House of Lords,
London SW1A 0PW.

Telephone 020 7219 6635;
Fax 020 7219 5355;