Finance Bill Sub-Committee

Call for Evidence

The House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs has set up a Sub-Committee to consider certain aspects of this year's Finance Bill. The Sub-Committee, whose membership is shown in the attachment to this letter, will begin its Inquiry on 21 April and will complete its work and report by the middle of June, before the final stages of proceedings on the Bill in Parliament.

The Sub-Committee's first task will be to identify the specific topics on which it will report. In making this decision, the Sub-Committee must limit its Inquiry to those parts of the Finance Bill which are concerned with technical issues of administration, clarification and simplification as distinct from the incidence or rates of tax. While the Sub-Committee has already given some preliminary thought to this matter, it would welcome your advice in the light of the Finance Bill, which was published on 8 April, on the question:

To which issue or issues should the Sub-Committee give priority in its Inquiry?

Evidence should be limited to two sides of A4 paper and should be set out in numbered paragraphs. The submission should be signed and dated, together with a note of the author's name and status and of whether the evidence is submitted on an individual or corporate basis. Submissions by e-mail are preferred (as attachments in Word), with a signed hard copy to follow.

The Sub-Committee will meet to choose its topics on Wednesday 21 April 2004. Witnesses are therefore asked to ensure that their responses to this Call for Evidence reach the Clerk to the Sub-Committee by mid-day on Monday 19 April at the latest - and, if possible, earlier. Once the topics for investigation have been chosen, requests for specific written and oral evidence in respect of them will be sent out.

Evidence submitted becomes the property of the Committee and may be published. Witnesses may publicise their written evidence themselves, but in doing so should indicate that it was prepared for the Committee.

8 April 2004