Evidence from the Prime Minister

Session 2001-02/5

PRESS NOTICE No 5       

Evidence from the Prime Minister

A timetable has now been agreed between the Liaison Committee and the Prime Minister for the first two sessions of evidence to be given to the Committee by Mr Blair.  The first meeting will take place on Tuesday 16 July at 10.30 am.  It has been agreed that the Session, which is expected to last for up to 2 hours, will cover both domestic and international issues.  The second session with the Prime Minister will take place on a date in January.

At its meeting this morning, the Liaison Committee welcomed the Prime Minister's initiative as creating a valuable additional channel of accountability by the Government to the House of Commons.  More detailed arrangements for the meeting will be issued closer to the session.

16 May 2002


The Committee is chaired by Mr Alan Williams (Labour, Swansea West) and includes the 32 Chairmen of select committees.   It is appointed to consider general matters relating to the work of select committees; to advise the House of Commons Commission on select committees; to choose select committee reports for debate in the House and, by a decision of the House on 14 May 2002, to hear evidence from the Prime Minister on matters of public policy.  It was nominated on 5 November 2001.   The powers of the Committee are set out in House of Commons Standing Order No. 145.  These are available on the Internet via www.parliament.uk.