The Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments: About the Committee

The Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments is responsible for scrutinising all statutory instruments made in exercise of powers granted by Act of Parliament.

Instruments not laid before Parliament are included within the Committee's remit; but local instruments and instruments made by devolved administrations do not fall to be scrutinised by JCSI unless they are required to be laid before Parliament.

Instruments laid before the House of Commons only are considered by the Select Committee on Statutory Instruments, which is comprised of the Commons members of the Joint Committee.

The Joint Committee is empowered to draw the special attention of both Houses to an instrument on any one of a number of grounds specified in the Standing Order under which it operates; or on any other ground which does not impinge upon the merits of the instrument or the policy behind it.

Click here to view the text of House of Commons Standing Order No. 151 (from the Standing Orders of the House of Commons, as ordered to be printed on 7 January 2003). The effective provisions of the Standing Order are repeated in House of Lords Standing Order No. 74.