Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments: Formal Minutes

Wednesday 25 June 2008


David Maclean MP (Chairman)
Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods MP
Mr Peter Bone MP
Lord Campbell of Alloway
Lord Dykes
Lord Kimball
Countess of Mar
David Simpson MP
Lord Walpole

Mr Allan Roberts, Peter Milledge and Mr Peter Davis in attendance.

The Order of Adjournment is read.

The Proceedings of Wednesday 18 June 2008 are read.

The Joint Committee deliberate.

Resolved, That the special attention of both Houses be drawn to the Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 2008 (S.I. 2008/1284) on the grounds that the instrument does not according with proper legislative practice and is defectively drafted.

Ordered, That the written evidence submitted in relation to the instrument be reported to both Houses.

A draft Report is laid before the Committee by the Chairman.

Resolved, That the Report be the Twenty-third Report of the Joint Committee.

Ordered, That the Chairman make the Report to the House of Commons and that the Report be made to the House of Lords.

Ordered, That the Joint Committee be adjourned to 2 July.