Policing and Crime Bill

The Committee decided to focus on a number of matters in the Policing and Crime Bill which it considers are capable of raising significant human rights issues. These relate to:

€ human rights monitoring by police authorities

€ equal access to senior police roles

€ strict liability offence relating to prostitution, consequences of breach of a rehabilitation order, necessity of and safeguards for proposed new premises closure orders, preventative orders under the Sexual Offences Act and child prostitution

€ alcohol misuse provisions permitting the removal of a young person and directions to leave a locality

€ safeguards relating to the search and seizure of property before a confiscation order has been made and

€ undertakings, provisional arrests and live links in extradition proceedings.

The Committee also asked the Minister to provide details of its proposals for responding to two recent adverse human rights judgments in relation to sex offender notification requirements and listing of care workers.

The Committee has now reported on this Bill, in its 10th Report of Session 2008-09 and its 15th Report of Session 2008-09.