Legislative Scrutiny Session 2009-10

In Session 2009-10 the Committee intends to scrutinise all Government and Private Bills in accordance with the sifting system set out in paragraphs 18 to 50 of its Twenty-third Report of Session 2005-06, The Committee's Future Working Practices.

Bills under scrutiny

Child Poverty Bill - Carried over from last Session, this Bill would provide a statutory basis to the Government's commitment in 1999 to "eradicate" child poverty by 2020. The Bill's stated purpose is to give new impetus to the Government's commitment, and to drive action across departments.

Children Schools and Familes Bill - This Bill would provide guarantees for parents and pupils setting out what they are entitled to expect from the schools system. It would also reform the curriculum and introduce a new licensing scheme for teachers.

Cluster Munitions (Prohibition) Bill - The main purpose of this Bill is to create criminal offences in order to enforce the prohibitions set out in Article 1 of the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which bans the use, production, transfer, and stockpiling of cluster munitions on the grounds that they cause unacceptable harm to civilians, and establishes measures to minimise the harm to civilians in the aftermath of conflicts.

Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill - Carried over from last Session, this a a very wide-ranging Bill, some of the provisions in which originate from the Governance of Britain Green Paper, which was published in July 2007. The Green Paper was followed by the publication of a number of individual consultation documents on elements of the Government's programme. Then, in March 2008, the Government published the Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill and White Paper. The content of the Bill has changed in some significant ways since the publication of the draft version.

Crime and Security Bill - This Bill contains a range of policing, crime and security measures.

Digital Economy Bill - The Digital Economy Bill follows the publication of the Digital Britain White Paper, Digital Britain: Final Report, which was published in June 2009. The main purpose of the Bill is to update the regulation of the communications sector. It introduces a number of measures relating to digital television and radio, including updating of licensing and regulation, licensing and regulation of video recordings and video games and measures relating to copyright infringement online. It also makes provision for public lending rights to extend to new media.

Equality Bill - Carried over from last session, this Bill intends to promote fairness and equality of opportunity and tackle disadvantage and discrimination.

Personal Care at Home Bill - The Bill will provide for those with the greatest care needs to be offered free personal care at home. Existing powers allow local authorities to provide certain community care services free of charge for up to six weeks. The Bill will remove this time limit in respect of personal care at home for those in the greatest need.

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