Joint Committee on Human Rights

Legislative Scrutiny Session 2008-09

In Session 2008-09 the Committee intends to scrutinise all Government and Private Bills in accordance with the sifting system set out in paragraphs 18 to 50 of its Twenty-third Report of Session 2005-06, The Committee's Future Working Practices.

Bills under scrutiny

The Committee considers that the following Bills raise significant human rights issues. Click on the links below for information about which issues the Committee is concerned about and links to correspondence between the Committee and the relevant Government department.

Child Poverty Bill - This Bill would provide a statutory basis to the Government's commitment in 1999 to "eradicate" child poverty by 2020. The Bill's stated purpose is to give new impetus to the Government's commitment, and to drive action across departments.

Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill - This a a very wide-ranging Bill, some of the provisions in which originate from the Governance of Britain Green Paper, which was published in July 2007. The Green Paper was followed by the publication of a number of individual consultation documents on elements of the Government's programme. Then, in March 2008, the Government published the Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill and White Paper. The content of the Bill has changed in some significant ways since the publication of the draft version.

Equality Bill - This Bill intends to promote fairness and equality of opportunity and tackle disadvantage and discrimination.

Health Bill - This Bill proposes to improve the quality of NHS care and services and improve public health.

Marine and Coastal Access Bill - This Bill covers a broad range of marine issues, including: set up a new Marine Management Organisation (MMO); provide a framework for establishing marine conservation zones; and enable the creation of a route around the English coast

Policing and Crime Bill - This Bill draws together a number of policy issues on policing and crime.

Welfare Reform Bill - This Bill proposes to reform the welfare and benefit system to improve support and incentives for people to move from benefits into work. It contains measures to increase personal responsibility within the welfare system. It also proposes to encourage parental responsibility by introducing a requirement for joint birth registration and by amending the law relating to child support.

Bills reported on

Political Parties and Elections Bill

Fourth Report of Session 2008-09

Coroners and Justice Bill

Eighth Report of Session 2008-09

Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill

Ninth Report of Session 2008-09

Policing and Crime Bill

Tenth Report of Session 2008-09

Health Bill; Marine and Coastal Access Bill

Eleventh Report of Session 2008-09

Welfare Reform Bill; Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill; Health Bill

Fourteenth Report of Session 2008-09

Policing and Crime Bill (gangs injunctions)

Fifteenth Report of Session 2008-09

Coroners and Justice Bill (certified inquests)

Sixteenth Report of Session 2008-09

Parliamentary Standards Bill

Nineteenth Report of Session 2008-09

Finance Bill

Twentieth Report of Session 2008-09

Bills cleared from scrutiny

Banking Bill
Banking (No. 2) Bill
Business Rates Supplements Bill
Consolidated Fund Bill
Corporation Tax Bill
Geneva Conventions and United Nations (Protocols) Bill
Industry and Exports (Financial Support) Bill
Northern Ireland Bill
Perpetuities and Accumulations Bill
Saving Gateway Accounts Bill

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