Joint Committee on Human Rights Remedial Orders

The Committee's terms of reference require that the Committee reports on Remedial Orders. Remedial orders are a form of delegated legislation amending primary legislation following a declaration by a UK court that it is incompatible with the ECHR or a Strasbourg judgment in a case concerning the UK which appears to a Minister to show that a provision of legislation is incompatible.

To date the Committee has produced the following reports on remedial orders:

13 October 2006 Draft Marriage Act 1949 (Remedial) Order 2006, 29th Report, 2005-06

29 March 2004 Naval Discipline Act 1957 (Remedial) Order 2004, 9th Report, 2003-04

19 December 2001 Mental Health Act 1983 (Remedial) Order 2001, 6th Report, 2001-02

The Committee has also published a background report on the scrutiny of remedial orders: 19 December 2001, 7th Report 2001-02, Making of Remedial Orders.