Joint Committee on Human Rights Legislative Scrutiny

Session 2005-06

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A major aspect of the Joint Committee's work is to scrutinise bills passing through Parliament.  The Committee aims to report on the majority of bills before their second reading in the second House.  Thus for a bill which starts in the Commons, the Committee would aim to report in time for the Second Reading debate in the Lords.

Public submissions on the current bills and how to submit evidence can be found in our Press Notice No. 2 dated 20 July 2005.

Below is an alphabetical list of the bills which the Committee has considered so far this session, together with links to any unpublished correspondence the Committee has had with the Minister responsible for the bill and the report(s) produced by the Committee on each bill.

A full list of the Government bills for this session, together with their current progress through both Houses, can be found on the website of the Leader of the House of Commons links.

Government Bills - Session 2005-06

Armed Forces Bill

22nd Report

Charities Bill

1st Report

Children and Adoption Bill

5th Report and 15th Report

Civil Aviation Bill

7th Report , 14th Report
and 21st Report

Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Bill

6th Report

Commons Bill

15th Report and 21st Report

Companies Bill

28th Report

Compensation Bill

20th Report and 21st Report

Consumer Credit Bill

1st Report and 14th Report

Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill

27th Report

Council Tax (New Valuation Lists for England)

5th Report

Criminal Defence Service Bill

1st Report

Crossrail Bill

1st Report

Education and Inspections Bill

18th Report , 21st Report , 25th Report and 28th Report

Electoral Administration Bill

11th Report

Equality Bill

4th Report and 11th Report

European Union (Accessions) BIll

5th Report

Fraud Bill

14th Report

Government of Wales Bill

14th Report

Health Bill

6th Report and 11th Report

Identity Cards Bill

1st Report

Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill

3rd Report , 5th Report and
11th Report

Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

17th Report and 21st Report

London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Bill

15th Report

Merchant Shipping (Pollution) Bill

1st Report

National Insurance Contributions Bill

14th Report

National Lottery Bill

1st Report

Natural Environment and Rural Communities Bill

1st Report

NHS Redress Bill

15th Report

Northern Ireland (Offences) BIll

7th Report

Police and Justice Bill

20th Report and 21st Report

Racial and Religious Hatred

1st Report

Regulation of Financial Services (Land Transactions) Bill

5th Report

Road Safety Bill

1st Report

Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill

25th Report

Terrorism Bill

3rd Report

Transport (Wales) Bill

1st Report

Violent Crime Reduction Bill

5th Report

Work and Families Bill

15th Report

Private Bills

Leicester City Council

21st Report

Liverpool City Council

21st Report

London Local Authorities Bill

15th Report and 21st Report

London Local Authorities and Transport for London Bill

21st Report

Maidstone Borough Council Bill

21st Report

Private Members Bills

The Committee has yet to consider any