Joint Committee on Human Rights: Formal Minutes

Tuesday 19 July 2005

Members present:

Lord Bowness
Lord Campbell of Alloway
Mr Douglas Carswell MP
Mary Creagh MP
Mr Andrew Dismore MP
Dr Evan Harris MP
Lord Judd
Lord Lester of Herne Hill
Lord Plant of Highfield
Mr Richard Shepherd MP
Baroness Stern

1. Declaration of Interests

Members declared their interests (see Appendix).

2. Election of Chairman

Mr Andrew Dismore was elected as Chairman.

Ordered, That the Chairman report his election to the House of Commons.

3. Regular day, time and place of meeting

Resolved, That the Committee meet on Mondays at Four o'clock.

4. Evidence

Ordered, That the public be admitted during the examination of witnesses, unless the Committee otherwise orders.

Ordered, That witnesses have permission to publish memoranda, in accordance with the provisions of House of Commons Standing Order No. 135(1), except in cases of particular sensitivity, where the Clerk is authorized to refer the matter to the Committee for a decision.

5. The Committee's programme of work

Resolved, That the Committee inquire into the scrutiny of bills and draft bills.

Resolved, That the Committee inquire into UK compliance with the UN Convention against Torture.

Adjourned till Monday 19 September at 4 pm



*12(d)  Non-parliamentary consultant
Minerva Property Services Ltd
Streeter Marshall - Solicitors
*12(f)  Regular remunerated employment
Notary Public (fees)
Partner, P & J Consultants (legal consultants)
*12(i)  Visits
Study visit to Poland (1-4 November 2003) arranged through EU Accession Group (accommodation and hospitality costs in Poland met by Polish Government/Polish Embassy)
All-party Group visit to Lithuania (15-17 June 2004). Accommodation costs met by Siemas of Lithuania


No relevant interests

CARSWELL, Douglas (Harwich and Clacton)

4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donation to my constituency party from:
Bearwood Corporate Services Ltd
Clacton Conservative Club
(Registered 21 July 2005)
8. Land and Property
Residential property in Hertfordshire, from which rental income is received.

CREAGH, Mary (Wakefield)

4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
Donations to my constituency party were received from:
(Registered 12 July 2005)
SUSTAIN campaign group have provided two days' secretarial support to help with Private Member's Bill on Children's Food.
(Registered 12 July 2005)

DISMORE, Andrew (Hendon)

2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etcSolicitor, consultant to Russell, Jones and Walker
4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
March 2005, GMB Union (national) paid cost of leaflet including contribution towards distribution. ( Registered 19 May 2005)
March 2005, GMB Union (London region) made a contribution to direct mail work. ( Registered 19 May 2005)
6. Overseas visits
28 June- 2 July 2004, study visit to Israel and the West Bank to meet politicians, journalists and NGOs, expenses met by Labour Friends of Israel. ( Registered 8 July 2004)

HARRIS, Dr Evan (Oxford West and Abingdon)

4. Sponsorship or financial or material support
Provision of office rented at reduced - but still market - rate by Wellister Investments
6. Overseas visits
5-8 October 2004, visit to the USA as a guest of AMGEM, to speak on Trans-Atlantic challenges for the healthcare biotechnology industry.

JUDD, Lord

*12(d)  Non-parliamentary consultant
Adviser to De Montfort University on the works of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and on scholarships policy and administration
*12(e)  Remunerated directorships
Non-executive Director of Portsmouth Harbour Renaissance Ltd
*12(h)   Secretarial research and assistance
An employee of Oxfam acts as one of my research assistants (24 May 2005)
*12(i)  Visits
Seminar on Terrorism in Berlin (2-4 June 2002) organised by The University of Maryland in Berlin (fare, hotel and modest honorarium paid)
Visit to the United States (20-22 October 2002) as a guest of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (travel and accommodation paid; travel by World Traveller Plus)
Visit to the Hague (15 November 2002) to attend a conference organised by The International Helsinki Federation (Netherlands Committee) (accommodation in the Hague paid for by The International Helsinki Federation and expenses partly financed by the Council of Europe in view of my role as Rapporteur on Chechnya)
Visit to Russia, Ingushetia and Chechnya (19-24 January 2003) in capacity as Rapporteur to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the conflict in Chechnya
Visit to Scotland (15-20 June 2003) to attend a seminar on Post Conflict Reconstruction organised by the Stanley Foundation (US) (fare and accommodation provided, also for spouse)
Visit to the United States (12-17 September 2003) (i) to attend and speak at meetings on "interdependence" in Philadelphia organised by the Democracy Collaborative, as a guest of the University of Maryland (travel and accommodation paid); (ii) to participate in a series of meetings in Washington DC on Chechnya: these included giving evidence to the Congressional Commission on Cooperation and Security in Europe (fare and accommodation paid by the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya and The Foundation for Civil Liberties)
Visit to United States (9-10 December 2003) as a guest of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya to speak at a seminar (economy travel and accommodation paid)
Visit to Sofia, Bulgaria (4-6 April 2004) to attend conference on arms control and the arms trade as trustee of Saferworld (fares and accommodation paid by Saferworld
Visit to Rome (10-12 September 2004) guest of the University of Maryland (USA) Democracy Collaborative and the Mayor of Rome at a celebration of interdependence and related meetings. Accommodation and travel (economy class) provided by the hosts (21 September 2004)
Visit to Berlin (23-25 May 2005) to attend seminar on Chechnya being organised by the Brookings Institution and the Robert Bosch Stiftung who will meet expenses (24 May 2005)
*13(b)   Landholdings
London Flat; Pimlico, London
Principal House; Thackthwaite, near Cockermouth, Cumbria
Residential Property (let) at Tamworth
*13(d)  Hospitality or gifts
11 November 2002 and 22 April 2004, dinner (with wife) as guests of the Russian Minister Counsellor
15(a)  Membership of public bodies
Member of British Council
Member of the Court of Lancaster University
Member of the Council of Senior Fellows of De Montfort University
Member of the Court of the London School of Economics and Political Science
Member, Court of the University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Freedom of the City of Portsmouth
Hon. Fellow, Portsmouth University
Hon. Fellow, Selly Oak Colleges
Hon. Lecturer of the University of East Anglia
15(b)  Trusteeships of cultural bodies
Trustee of the Ruskin Foundation
15(c)  Office-holder in pressure groups or trade unions
Trustee, Saferworld
Vice President, Council for National Parks
Vice President, United Nations Association
15(d)  Office-holder in voluntary organisations
President of the Friends of the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth
Vice President, European Atlantic Group
Member of the Honorary Council of the International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership (22 March 2005)
16(b)  Voluntary organisations
Member of a range of voluntary organisations in the spheres of environment, international affairs, overseas development, social policy and the arts.
Supporter of Amnesty International
Guest of The Ditchley Foundations and Foreign Policy Centre Conference on Russia, Ditchley (February 2005)
Guest of The Ditchley Foundations Conference on The Politics and Problems of Water, Ditchley (June 2005)


*12(f)  Regular remunerated employment
Self-employed practising member of the English Bar, specialising in constitutional and administrative law, employment, media, commercial and European law
Co-editor of Butterworths Human Rights Law and Practice as well as being a contributor
*12(h)  Secretarial research and assistance
Secretarial research and assistance provided through The Odysseus Trust Limited funded by Lord Sainsbury of Turville
*13(b)  Landholdings
Joint ownership with wife of shop in Somerset
15(c)  Office-holder in pressure groups or trade unions
Unremunerated Director of The Odysseus Trust Ltd (a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee that conducts research into human rights and constitutional matters and gives advice and information on all-party basis)
15(d)  Office-holder in voluntary organisations
Governor, British Institute for Human Rights
Hon. President and Board member of INTERIGHTS (International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights)
Hon. President, Liberal Democrat Lawyers Association
Hon. Professor of Public Law, University College, London
Member Advisory Board and Executive Council, Centre for European Law, King's College, London
Member of Advisory Board, Institute of European Public Law, University of Hull
Member of Advisory Committee, Constitution Unit, University College, London
Member of Advisory Panel, Centre for Public Law, Cambridge
Member of Editorial Committee, "Public Law"
Member of Expert Counsel Panel, LIBERTY
Member of the Advisory Board, Institute of European Public Law
Member of the Council, JUSTICE
Member Executive Board, Open Society Justice Initiative
16(a)  Trusteeships
Trustee, The John Galway Foster Trust
16(b)  Voluntary organisations
Complimentary Member, Amnesty International
Hon. Fellow, Society of Advanced Legal Studies
Parliamentary Supporter, Britain in Europe

NORRIS, Dan (Wansdyke)



*12(f)  Regular remunerated employment
Professor of Jurisprudence, King's College, University of London
15(a)  Membership of public bodies
Hon. Fellow, St. Catherine's College, Oxford
Hon. Fellow, Harris Manchester College, Oxford
Hon. Fellow, Cardiff University
Visiting Professor of European Political Thought, University of Southampton (until 30 September 2004)
15(d)  Office-holder in voluntary organisations
Chair, Hope (The Wessex Medical Trust)
Chair, Southampton University Development Trust

SHEPHERD, Richard (Aldridge-Brownhills)

1. Remunerated directorships
Shepherd Food Holdings Ltd.
2. Remunerated employment, office, profession, etc.
Former member of Lloyd's.  Resigned with effect from 31 December 1994. Categories of business underwritten in open and run-off years: All, except life.
9. Registrable shareholdings
(a) Shepherd Food Holdings Ltd.

STERN, Baroness

*12(d)  Non-parliamentary consultant
Senior Research Fellow, International Centre for Prison Studies (ICPS)
Adviser, Barrow Cadbury Trust
*13(b)  Landholdings
A part share in one residential property in London, and residences in London, Edinburgh and Argyll
15(a)  Membership of public bodies
Member of the Advisory Council of ILANUD, the United Nations Latin American Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders
15(d)  Office-holder in voluntary organisations
Director of Foundation/non-profit organisation Penal Reform International, Romania
Director of Penal Reform International UK
Hon. Secretary-General, Penal Reform International
Member of the Comit© de Soutien, Franais Incarc©r©s au Loin, France
President, New Bridge charity providing help to offenders
President, Association of Members of Independent Monitoring Boards (AMIMB) (7 December 2004)
Trustee, Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation, Washington
Vice President, RPS Rainer
Convenor, Scottish Consortium on Crime and Criminal Justice