JCHR Press Notice No. 23

28 August 2002

Forthcoming Publication

The Case for a Human Rights Commission: Interim Report

The Twenty-second Report from the Joint Committee on Human Rights of this Session, on The Case for a Human Rights Commission: Interim Report will be published on Monday 2 September 2002 at 10.00 a.m., as House of Lords Paper 160/House of Commons Paper 1142.

The report is principally a vehicle for publishing the written evidence so far received and the oral evidence so far taken by the JCHR in connection with its inquiry into the case for establishing a human rights commission. It includes:

-    over fifty written responses to the call for evidence issued in April 2001, and other written submissions relating to the promotion and protection of human rights in the work of public authorities;

and transcripts of the oral evidence taken from;

-    the Lord Chancellor,

-    the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights,

-    the Minister of State with responsibility for cross-cutting equality issues (Barbara Roche),

-    the Chairs of the three existing equality commissions, and

-    children, and organisations and individuals involved in children's rights and the provision of services to children (including education, social services and health).

The report does not draw any conclusions from the evidence, but announces the Committee's intention to publish a further consultation document this autumn. It also draws particular attention to the possible implications for the Committee's inquiry and recommendations of the Government's decision to replace the existing three equality commissions with a single equalities body.

The Report will also be available on the Committee's website at the address below.