JCHR Press Notice 05-06 No. 11

No 11 of Session 2005-06                   15 November 2005

Appointment of a Specialist Adviser to the Joint Committee on Human Rights

The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) wishes to appoint a specialist adviser to assist it in an examination of its own working practices which it will be undertaking early in the New Year. Taking into account suggestions made by the JCHR in the previous Parliament in its Nineteenth Report of Session 2004-05, the Committee will be considering how it can best fulfil its terms of reference over the course of this Parliament. Amongst the main matters it will be considering are-

• the balance to be struck between its legislative scrutiny work, other scrutiny work such as that related to international treaties, and more thematic, policy-orientated work

• the priorities, procedures and working practices which it will seek to employ in undertaking each kind of work, including whether the emphasis of its legislative scrutiny work should be changed to focus to a greater extent on pre-legislative scrutiny (e.g. Green and White Papers and draft bills) and/or post-legislative scrutiny (e.g. delegated legislation, statutory guidance and codes of practice).

The appointee will need to have expert knowledge of human rights law, policy and practice, and, preferably, some knowledge of the work of the JCHR. He or she will be asked, by the middle of January 2006, to (i) examine and summarise any published research into views of the Committee's past work held within Parliament, the human rights community and the wider public; and (ii) provide written recommendations as to how the Committee could improve the effectiveness of its work. He or she might be expected to attend Committee meetings in January and early February to contribute to discussions of these and related matters.

Specialist advisers are paid an honorarium and necessary expenses are reimbursed. Potential advisers are required to make a declaration of relevant interests prior to appointment.

If you would be interested in being considered for this position, please send your c.v., with a covering letter, to Nick Walker, Commons Clerk of the Joint Committee on Human Rights, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA, or by e-mail to jchr@parliament.uk,  by 2 December 2005. Those intending to respond should note that the House of Commons and House of Lords are public authorities for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act and the information they hold will fall within the scope of that Act.

MEDIA INQUIRIES:  Ms Jessica Bridges-Palmer: 020 7219 0718