JCHR Press Notice 03-04 No. 27

Session 2003-04                                        13 July 2004

Forthcoming Publication

Civil Partnership Bill

The Fifteenth Report from the Joint Committee on Human Rights of Session 2003-04, Civil Partnership Bill will be published on Thursday 15 July 2004 at 10.00 am as House of Lords Paper 136/House of Commons Paper 885.

The purpose of the Civil Partnership Bill was originally to remove discrimination between the way the law treats the relationships of married heterosexual couples and the way it treats same-sex couples who are legally prevented from marrying.  A provision was inserted at report stage in the House of Lords, greatly enlarging its scope of application.  The Bill had its Third Reading in the House of Lords on 1 July, and is awaiting consideration by the Commons.

In this Report the Committee considers the human rights aspects of the Bill's provisions.