Joint Committee on Conventions

Press Notice No. 1
24 May 2006

Publication of Report

The Joint Committee on Conventions at its first meeting on 23 May elected Lord Cunningham of Felling as its Chairman. The Committee agreed a Report setting out a Call for Evidence, and seeking an extension of time.

The Report will be published as the First Special Report of the 2005-06 Session (HL Paper 189, HC 1151), on Thursday 25 May at 10.00 am.

Lord Cunningham said, €œI am grateful to members of the Committee for agreeing this first report so soon. It indicates that we intend to get on with the job.€

Copies of the Report will be available in the Commons Press Gallery from 10.00 am.

If you would like a copy of the report, but do not hold a press pass, then you may purchase it from The Stationery Office Ltd (tel: 08457 023474). The text of the report will also be available on The Stationery Office€™s website