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16 May 2008 - Session 2007-08


Lord Greenway has been chosen as chairman of the new Joint Committee on the draft Marine Bill, at the committee's first meeting on 14th May.

The Joint Committee comprises 11 MPs and 11 peers. It will take oral and written evidence on the draft Marine Bill, and make recommendations in a report by 22nd July.

The Committee would like to invite written submissions to assist it in its scrutiny of the draft Bill. The areas it will examine include:

€ The challenge of assessing whether the legislative framework for marine spatial planning set out is fit for purpose in the absence of the government setting out what the objectives for the planning system are (the Marine Policy Statement).
€ How well the regulatory framework proposed will operate, given the wide range of responsibilities involved.
€ The proposed powers, structure and regulatory role of the Marine Management Organisation.
€ How well the provisions of the Bill will fit with the aims and policies of the devolved assemblies.
€ Will the system proposed be sufficient to meet the requirements of the forthcoming European Marine Strategy Directive and achieve 'good environmental status' as defined under the Directive.
€ Whether the proposed Marine Spatial Plans will be based on adequate scientific data and provide certainty about where activities and developments will be permitted in a given time frame.
€ Whether improvements to the management and enforcement of inshore marine fisheries can deliver required conservation and sustainable development objectives.
€ Should there be a statutory requirement on a UK body to ensure that the network of Marine Conservation Zones is created?
€ Is there sufficient biological data to identify a potential network of Marine Conservation Zones, especially in offshore areas, and what data will be required to measure their effectiveness? What proportion should be highly protected?
€ Should socio-economic criteria as well as scientific criteria be used in identifying areas to be Marine Conservation Zones? What lessons on the designation of protected areas can be learned from existing SACs and Marine Nature Reserves?
€ Will the Government's 3GW renewable energy target create a demand for marine sites that have potential as conservation areas?
€ The suitability of including regulatory issues concerning inland waters within the Marine Bill.
€ The appropriateness of the measures contained in the draft Bill aimed at creating an English coastal route.

Deadline for submissions

Submissions, which should be original and not copies of papers written for the Government consultation or any other inquiry, must be received by Monday 16th June. However, owing to the short timetable the Committee is working to, papers received by the beginning of June are most likely to influence the work of the Committee.

Oral evidence

The committee expects to start taking oral evidence in June. The programme of such evidence sessions will be announced soon. It will be available, together with the written and oral evidence received on the website: www.parliament.uk/parliamentary_committees/jcdmb.cfm


1. Committee Membership is as follows:
Linda Gilroy MP, Plymouth Sutton, Labour Co-op
Nia Griffith MP, Llanelli, Labour
Anne Main MP, St Albans, Conservative
Martin Salter MP, Reading West, Labour
Sir Peter Soulsby MP, Leicester South, Labour
Mr Robert Syms MP, Poole, Conservative
Paddy Tippping MP, Sherwood, Labour
Mr Charles Walker MP, Broxbourne, Conservative
Joan Walley MP, Stoke-on-Trent North, Labour
Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Southampton Test, Labour
Mr Roger Williams MP, Brecon and Radnorshire, Liberal Democrats

Baroness Byford, Conservative
Earl of Caithness, Conservative
Lord Greaves, Liberal Democrats
Lord Greenway (Chairman), Cross Bench
Lord Haworth, Labour
Lord Hunt of Chesterton, Labour
Baroness Jones of Whitchurch, Labour
Lord Lewis of Newnham, Cross Bench
Lord MacKenzie of Culkein, Labour
Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer, Liberal Democrats
Earl of Selborne, Conservative

Media Enquiries: Laura Kibby, Tel: 020 7219 0718

Committee Information:
e-mail: draftmarinebill@parliament.uk
Tel: 020 7219 8383

Committee Website: www.parliament.uk/parliamentary_committees/jcdmb.cfm

Watch committees and parliamentary debates online: www.parliamentlive.tv

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If you wish to be added to the mailing list for future notices, please contact:

Francene Graham
Committee Assistant to the Joint Committee on the Draft Marine Bill
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Tel: 020 7219 8387