JCDGB PN 181203 - No 2 - January evidence sessions

Session 2003-2004

Visit to GamCare and January oral evidence sessions

The two Houses of Parliament established a Joint Committee on the Draft Gambling Bill in the summer of 2003.  Following the publication by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport of around 50 draft clauses in July 2003 (Cm. 5878) further sections and policy information were issued on 19th November (Cm. 6014).  These can be found at


The remit of the Committee is to consider the draft bill, and to report on it to both Houses. The Committee will proceed in the normal manner of Select Committees, by holding hearings and receiving written evidence. The Committee will publish a report making recommendations (to which the Government must respond) by 8th April 2004.

Visit to GamCare

The Committee plans to visit the headquarters of GamCare on Wednesday 7th January.  GamCare, a registered charity, is a leading authority on the provision of information, advice and practical help in addressing the social impact of gambling.  Members will meet people who have suffered from a gambling dependency, and their relatives.

January oral evidence sessions

Following the public evidence sessions this week with the Rt Hon Lord McIntosh of Haringey and the Gaming Board of Great Britain, the Committee will be holding further public evidence sessions in January and early February.

The Committee will be meeting on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, with public sessions typically beginning at 9.45am.  There will also be occasional afternoon sessions on those days, starting at 2.15pm.

The first evidence session in the new year will take place on Thursday 8th January at 9.45am in Committee Room 5, House of Commons, and will be the first of two sessions looking at the potential social consequences of the provisions in the draft bill.  The provisional witness list includes: Professor Jim Orford, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Christian groups.  A further press notice confirming the details of the evidence session will be issued on Tuesday 6th January.

It is advisable to ring the office on 020 7219 8388 to check the precise venue a few days in advance of the session.

Entrance is via St Stephen's entrance, Palace of Westminster (see last page of this press notice for a map).  Transcripts of all oral evidence sessions will be placed on the Internet.


The members of the Committee are as follows:

Chairman:John Greenway MP (Ryedale) (Conservative)


Janet Anderson  (Rossendale & Darwen)  Labour
Tony Banks  (West Ham)  Labour
Jeff Ennis  (Barnsley East & Mexborough)  Labour
Alan Meale  (Mansfield)  Labour
Richard Page  (South West Hertfordshire)  Conservative
Dr John Pugh  (Southport)  Lib Dem
Tony D. Wright  (Great Yarmouth)  Labour


The Rt Hon Lord Brooke of Sutton Mandeville (Conservative)
Lord Donoughue of Ashton (Labour)
Lord Falkland (Lib Dem)
Lord Faulkner of Worcester (Labour)
Baroness Golding ( Labour)
Lord Mancroft (Conservative)
Lord Wade of Chorlton (Conservative)
Lord Walpole (Cross Bencher)

Members' declared interests are available on the website:


The Joint Committee has already invited interested organisations and individuals to submit written evidence as part of its inquiry into the Draft Gambling Bill (in its Press Notice 3 of Session 2002-03). The deadline for written evidence has now passed; late submissions should reach the Committee as soon as possible.