Joint Committee on the Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill

The two Houses of Parliament have established a Joint Committee on the Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill. The Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill (Cm 7342), was published by the Ministry of Justice on 25 March 2008. The remit of the Committee is to consider the draft Bill, and report on it to both Houses by 22 July.

The Committee's inquiry will proceed in a similar way to other Select Committee inquiries, hearings will be held and written evidence received. At the Committee's first meeting on Tuesday 6 May, Michael Jabez Foster MP was appointed Chairman.

Latest news

Government response

The Ministry of Justice published the Government response on 20 July 2009.

Publication of report

The Joint Committee published its Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill report (HC 551-I and HL 166-I) on Thursday 31 July.

Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill Volume II: Evidence PDF Document (HC 551-II and HL 166-II), containing oral and written evidence, was published on Tuesday 12 August.

Call for Evidence published

The Joint Committee on the Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill Call for Evidence PDF Document, which invited interested organisations and individuals to submit written evidence by 12 June 2008, contains more information on the scope of the Committee's inquiry.

Declaration of Interests

Full lists of Members€™ interests are recorded in the Commons Register of Members€™ Interests and the Lords Register of Interests