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No. 1 of Session 2004-05, 3 February 2005

The Government published the Draft Children (Contact) and Adoption Bill on 2 February 2005.  It includes a range of proposals to monitor and enforce child contact orders and suspend the adoption process with countries that do not meet adequate standards.

It is expected that a Joint Committee of Lords and MPs will be appointed to scrutinise the draft Bill.  If the Joint Committee follows usual procedure, it will seek evidence from organisations and individuals interested in the draft Bill.  Given the possibility of a very tight timetable for the Committee's inquiry, the deadline for receipt of written evidence is likely to be Thursday 3 March 2005.

The usual format for written evidence is that submissions should take the form of a memorandum and have numbered paragraphs. Submissions should not exceed 1500 words in length. Unless submissions are very short, they should be accompanied by a summary.  Comments should be written in the same order as the clauses appear in the draft Bill.  Witnesses should feel free to cover only those aspects of the draft Bill in which they are particularly interested.

Further details are due to be issued in the Joint Committee's formal call for evidence.  If you wish to be added to the mailing list for this and future press releases please contact The Scrutiny Unit, House of Commons, SWIA 0AA, tel: 020 7219 8387, email:

This press release is for advance notice only.  Please do not send written evidence until the Joint Committee issue their formal call for evidence.  It is expected that this will be sent out next week.

The Draft Children (Contact) and Adoption Bill and background documents are available from: