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Session 2002-03

8 May 2003

Oral evidence

Oral evidence

The two Houses of Parliament have established a Joint Committee on the Draft Corruption Bill, which was published by the Government on 24 March 2003 (Cm. 5777).  The text of the draft Bill can be found at:


The remit of the Committee is to consider the draft bill, and to report on it to both Houses. The Committee will proceed in the normal manner of Select Committees, by holding hearings and receiving written evidence. The Committee will publish a report making recommendations (to which the Government must respond) by Thursday 24 July 2003.

The Committee will take oral evidence from the following witnesses:

Tuesday 13 May at 5.00pm:    Laurence Cockcroft, Jeremy Carver and Graham Rodmell, Transparency International (UK).

Wednesday 14 May at 2.05pm:    Robert Wardle, Director,  Serious Fraud Office, Sir David Calvert-Smith QC, Director of Public Prosecutions

Tuesday 20 May:    To be announced

Wednesday 21 May at 4.15pm:    Professor Sir William McKay, former Clerk of the House of Commons; additional witnesses to be announced

Monday 2 June:    To be announced

Tuesday 3 June at 4.15pm:    To be announced

Wednesday 4 June at 4.15pm:    Lord Falconer of Thoroton QC, Minister of State for Criminal Justice, Sentencing and Law Reform; Rt Hon Lord Goldsmith QC, Attorney General (at about 5.00pm)

Meetings normally take place in  committee room 5 in the Palace of Westminster.  It is advisable to ring the office on 020 7219 8363 to check the precise venue a few days in advance of the session.


The members of the Committee are as follows:

Lord Slynn of Hadley (Crossbencher) Chairman

Lord Bernstein of Craigweil (Labour)
Lord Campbell Savours (Labour)
Lord Carlisle of Bucklow  QC (Conservative)
Baroness Scott of Needham Market (Liberal Democrat)
Lord Waddington QC (Conservative)
Baroness Whitaker (Labour)
Vera Baird QC MP (Labour, Redcar)
Mr Edward Garnier QC MP (Conservative, Harborough)
Mr John MacDougall MP (Labour, Central Fife)
Mr Mark Oaten MP (Liberal Democrat, Winchester)
Mr Richard Shepherd MP (Conservative, Aldridge-Brownhills)
Mr Paul Stinchcombe MP (Labour, Wellingborough)
Dr Desmond Turner MP (Labour, Brighton Kemptown)

At its first meeting on Monday 24 March, the Committee elected Lord Slynn of Hadley as Chairman

Further notices will be issued shortly, indicating how the Committee will proceed.

Ask to be added to the mailing list for future notices.


Claire Little

Secretary to the Joint Committee on the Draft Corruption Bill
House of  Lords

Or email: scrutiny@parliament.uk

Tel: 020 7219 4911

Fax: 020 7219 0277