25 February 2009

Desperately seeking students: MPs launch web forum asking for students’ views about university

The Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee today launches a web forum asking students about their university experiences.

The Committee wants to hear what undergraduate students at universities in England think about the university admissions process and whether courses, teaching and university life has lived up to expectations.

Submissions to the forum will feed into the Committee’s inquiry Students and Universities and will contribute to the final report which will make recommendations to the Government.

The forum runs until 7 April 2009 and asks six questions:

1. Why did you decide to apply to university?

2. What factors influenced your choice of university and course?

3. Do you think that the admissions process for universities is fair?

4. Has university lived up to your expectations?

5. What do you think of the quality of teaching at university?

6. Are all degrees the same?

Phil Willis MP, Chairman of the Committee, said:

“It is vital for this inquiry that we hear directly from those people with the most relevant experience: students. That is why we are launching this web forum.

“We want students to tell us about their experiences at university: why did you apply? What do you like about university, and what would you change?

“Our Committee is examining a range of issues for this inquiry, including admissions, the balance between teaching and research, degree classification and mechanisms of student support and engagement. To put it simply, in order for us to produce an effective, relevant and useful report, it is crucial that students across England are able to give us their views.”


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