Press Release 29, Session 2003-04

Committees on Strategic Export Controls ("The Quadripartite Committee")


ATTN: News Desks - Political, Foreign, Defence, Trade Correspondents

Strategic Export Controls

The First Joint Report from the Committees on Strategic Export Controls (the ‘Quadripartite Committee’) of Session 2003-04 will be published at 00.01 am on Tuesday 18 May as House of Commons Paper 390.

Confidential advance copies of the Report will be available to witnesses and accredited members of the press from 10.30 am on Monday 17 May, on application to Sheryl Dinsdale on 020 7219 5745. There will be no press conference, but Mr Roger Berry MP (the Chairman of the Committees’ joint meetings) will be available for comment.


1. The Quadripartite Committee consists of four Committees that meet together to consider control of strategic exports, including weapons. The Committees involved are: Defence, Foreign Affairs, International Development and Trade and Industry. The Chairman for these meetings is Roger Berry MP, who is a member of the Trade and Industry Committee.

2. News Release: Quadripartite Committee - No. 5; International Development Committee No. 29


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