International Development Committee Announcement


Thursday 13 December 2007, 2.30pm
Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

At 2.30pm:

€ Simon Counsell, Rainforest Foundation UK

€ Lies Craeynest, WWF UK

€ Andrew Pendleton, Christian Aid

At 3.30pm approx:

€ Helen Collinson, independent consultant on aid architecture

€ Edward Bell, International Alert

€ Romilly Greenhill, ActionAid UK

This is the second evidence session in the Committee's inquiry into DFID and the World Bank. The World Bank is the world's single largest funder of development programmes as well as an important actor on global issues such as international trade, poverty, corruption and climate change. The UK contribution to the World Bank has more than doubled in the last two financial years: Britain's commitment to the International Development Association, the arm of the Bank which helps the world's poorest countries, for 2005-08 is around £1.4 billion over the period.

In the first panel of this session, the Committee will focus on the work of the World Bank in the high-profile policy area of climate change and the environment, and DFID's role in that work. The second panel will examine coordination between DFID and World Bank policies and their activities on the ground in specific locations, particularly Africa, Latin America and fragile states.


Committee Membership is as follows: Malcolm Bruce MP (Chairman, Lib Dem), John Battle MP (Lab), Hugh Bayley MP (Lab), John Bercow MP (Con), Richard Burden MP (Lab), Mr Stephen Crabb MP (Con), (Lab), James Duddridge MP (Con), Ann McKechin MP (Lab), Jim Sheridan MP, Mr Marsha Singh (Lab), Sir Robert Smith MP (Lib Dem).

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