Press Notice 56, Session 2005-06

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Monday 24 July 2006, The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

Natural disasters during 2005 focused public attention on the policies and practices of humanitarian assistance. In March 2006, the International Development Committee agreed to undertake an inquiry on the Humanitarian Responses to Natural Disasters. The focus of the inquiry is specifically on natural disasters (both slow and rapid onset), although we recognize that there is not always a clear distinction between natural disasters and complex emergencies.

This is the eighth and final session of 8 evidence sessions scheduled for this inquiry. The International Development Committee will be exploring issues and ideas which have arisen over the course of their inquiry, with the Secretary of State.


At 15.15 Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP, Secretary of State for International Development, Michael Mosselmans, Head of the Conflict, Humanitarian and Security Department (CHASE), and Phil Evans, Head of the Africa Conflict and Humanitarian Unit.


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The membership of the Committee is as follows: Malcolm Bruce MP (Chairman, Lib Dem), John Barrett MP (Lib Dem), John Battle MP (Lab), John Bercow MP (Con), Hugh Bayley MP (Lab), Richard Burden MP (Lab), Mr Quentin Davies MP (Con), Mr Jeremy Hunt MP (Con), Ann McKechin MP (Lab), Joan Ruddock MP (Lab), Mr Marsha Singh (Lab).

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