Press Notice 45, Session 2005-06


Announcement of evidence session on
Donor issues: evaluation and accountability


Tuesday 20 June 2006, Committee Room 18, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30 am Nicholas Stockton, Director, Humanitarian Accountability Partnership - International, and John Mitchell, Head, Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP).

At 11.30 am Johannes Luchner, Head of Unit, Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO), European Commission.


Natural disasters during 2005 focused public attention on the policies and practices of humanitarian assistance. In March 2006, the International Development Committee agreed to undertake an inquiry on the Humanitarian Responses to Natural Disasters. The focus of the inquiry is specifically on natural disasters (both slow and rapid onset), although we recognize that there is not always a clear distinction between natural disasters and complex emergencies.

This is the third of 7 evidence sessions scheduled for this inquiry. The first part of the session will examine the issues of accountability and evaluation from the perspective of donors, including DFID. The second part of the session will examine the role of ECHO in the international humanitarian aid architecture.


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