Press Notice 40, Session 2005-06


Announcement of evidence session


2.30pm, Tuesday 23 May 2006,
Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster

Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP, Secretary of State for International Development,
William Kingsmill, Head, Growth and Investment Group,
Richard Boulter, Head of Profession, Enterprise Development,
Tony Venables, Chief Economist, Department for International Development


In December 2005, the International Development Committee agreed to undertake an inquiry on Private Sector Development (PSD). PSD touches on many aspects of what donors already do. The presumption behind the inquiry is not therefore that PSD is another sector for donors to engage in, but rather that PSD requires a changed perspective and practice in what donors (who may traditionally have little experience of business) are already doing. The inquiry will examine the coherence of DFID's private sector development policy with DFID's work in other sectors.

This is the seventh evidence session of the PSD inquiry. This penultimate session leads the inquiry focus on to the leadership of DFID. It offers the chance to assess DFID's strategic vision for private sector development and to address important over-arching issues such as policy coherence and coordination. With the publication of DFID's White Paper this summer and a growing budget, Hilary Benn has a critical opening for implementing new approaches to private sector development. This session will consider to what extent his department is acting upon this important opportunity.


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