Press Notice 41, Session 2003-04

New Inquiry


The International Development Committee has agreed to conduct an inquiry into the ongoing crisis in Darfur, Sudan.

In conducting this inquiry, the Committee aims to promote understanding of the situation in Darfur, to examine the effectiveness of the international community's response to the crisis and promote a more effective response, and to ensure that once the immediate crisis is over, the international community remains engaged and learns the lessons of Darfur.

The Committee will consider the role that the UK Government has played in responding to the crisis, but the inquiry will also examine the roles played by NGOs, the EU and other donors, the United Nations, the African Union, the Government of Sudan and other groups active within Darfur.

As a starting point, the Committee is interested in the following issues:

• the nature, causes and chronology of the crisis in Darfur

• the international community's response, including that of the United Nations, the African Union, humanitarian agencies and the UK Government

• conflict prevention and peace-building at national and local levels

• the nature of the aid relationship with developing countries affected by conflict


The Committee invites organisations and individuals with relevant experience and expertise to submit written evidence. This invitation is not restricted to UK-based organisations.

Any memorandum of more than six pages should include a summary at the front. Once submitted, evidence is the property of the Committee and may be published.    Evidence should be sent to the Clerk of the Committee by 12 November. If possible, please supply an electronic version in MS Word or Rich Text Format, either by e-mail to or on a disk. If submitted by e-mail or e-mail attachment, a letter should also be sent validating the e-mail.

Further guidance on the submission of evidence can be found at:


Detailed enquiries to Alan Hudson, Committee Specialist:


Further Information

The membership of the Committee is as follows: Tony Baldry (Chairman) (Conservative), John Barrett (Liberal Democrat), Mr John Battle (Labour), Hugh Bayley (Labour), Ann Clwyd (Labour), Mr Tony Colman (Labour), Mr Quentin Davies (Conservative), Mr Piara S. Khabra (Labour), Chris McCafferty (Labour), Mr Andrew Robathan (Conservative) and Tony Worthington (Labour).

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