New inquiry:  Trade and Development: Aspects of the Doha Agenda

The International Development Committee has agreed to undertake an inquiry into trade and development, relating particularly to aspects of the WTO's Doha agenda and member states' commitments to making this round of trade negotiations a "development round".  The Committee will consider the policies and practices of the Department for International Development, the UK Government, and relevant multilateral organisations, in relation to trade and international development.

In particular, the inquiry will address the following issues:

• Agricultural reform in the context of the Doha commitments - including consideration of the impact of all forms of agricultural support (to include export subsidies and food aid) on livelihoods and food security in developing countries;

• Market access, including, but not limited to, the Everything-But-Arms initiative, and non-tariff barriers;

• Special and differential treatment, development box proposals and food security;

• Developing countries' negotiating capacities, and productive capacities, and efforts to build these capacities.

This inquiry will build on the Committee's examination of the World Trade Organisation and developing countries (Tenth Report, Session 1999-2000).  The Committee invites organisations and individuals with relevant experience and expertise to submit memoranda which address any or all of these issues, or, which address issues which they regard as central to the trade and development agenda.  This invitation is not restricted to UK-based organisations; please feel free to give it wider circulation.  Indeed the Committee positively welcomes submissions from organisations based in developing countries, and from organisations who might not have submitted evidence on previous occasions, including business and labour organisations. The Committee would welcome particularly memoranda which set out what organisations regard as the key policy questions.

Any memorandum of more than six pages should include a summary at the front. Evidence should be sent to the Clerk of the Committee by 20th January.  If possible, please supply an electronic version in MS Word or Rich Text Format, either by e-mail to or on a disk.  If submitted by e-mail or e-mail attachment, a letter should also be sent validating the e-mail.  Further guidance on the submission of evidence can be found at

Oral evidence sessions will be announced in due course.

Detailed enquiries to Alan Hudson, Committee Specialist, on 020 7219 1522 or

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The membership of the Committee is as follows: Tony Baldry (Chairman) (Conservative, Banbury), John Barrett (Liberal Democrat, Edinburgh West), John Battle (Labour, Leeds West), Hugh Bayley (Labour, City of York), Alistair Burt (Conservative, North East Bedfordshire), Ann Clwyd (Labour, Cynon Valley), Tony Colman (Labour, Putney), Mr Piara S. Khabra (Labour, Ealing, Southall), Chris McCafferty (Labour, Calder Valley), Mr Robert Walter (Conservative, North Dorset) and  Mr Tony Worthington (Labour, Clydebank and Milngavie).

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