Press Notice 1, Session 05-06

Chairman and membership of the International Development Committee

The Committee has elected Malcolm Bruce MP to be its Chairman.

Declaration of interests

The following is an extract from the Committee’s Minutes of Proceedings for today, Thursday 14 July 2005:

Resolved, That Malcolm Bruce do take the Chair of the Committee

The Chairman declared the following interests:

Overseas visits
10-12 December 2004, to Pristina, Kosovo, arranged and funded by the East West Parliamentary Practice Project (EWPPP) to discuss parliamentary democracy with Kosovan politicians.  Travel and accommodation provided by EWPPP, (Registered 18 January 2005). 12-16 December 2004, to Moscow, arranged and funded by the Russia Foundation.  Travel and accommodation provided by the Russia Foundation, (Registered 18 January 2005). 16-18 February 2005, to Washington DC and New York, to attend a Senate hearing and a seminar at New York University School of Law on the Yukos Case, Russia and US national interests.  Business travel, transfer from Washington to New York and hotel accommodation in each city were paid for jointly by the New York University School of Law and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (Registered 2 March 2005).

Sponsorship or financial or material support
My wife sponsors a child in Ghana through Action Aid 

Miscellaneous and unremunerated interests
Trustee of the RNID, Hon Vice President of the National Deaf Children's Society and of Deafax.
Chairman of Globe UK and the All Party Group on Deafness
Office bearer for PRASEG, the Sustainable Waste Group and a member of the oil and gas group
Honorary Vice President of the Combined Heat and Power Association
Member of the NUJ.
Advisor to the East West Parliamentary Practice Project
Board member of Britain in Europe

The full membership of the Committee is as follows:

Malcolm Bruce MP (Chairman, Lib Dem)
John Barrett MP (Lib Dem)
John Battle MP (Lab)
John Bercow MP (Con)
Hugh Bayley MP (Lab)
Richard Burden MP (Lab)
Mr Quentin Davies MP (Con)
Mr Jeremy Hunt MP (Con)
Ann McKechin MP (Lab)
Joan Ruddock MP (Lab)
Mr Marsha Singh (Lab)

The interests of all the committee members will be available in due course as an appendix to the Committee’s formal minutes of the first meeting, dated 14 July 2005, on the Committee website.

Future programme of work

The Committee will take evidence on 19th July from the Secretary of State for International Development on the outcomes of the G8 summit  (for details see separate Press Notice PN02)

The Committee will decide on its programme of major inquiries after the parliamentary summer recess. At today’s meeting the Committee decided to hold evidence sessions on the following subjects once Parliament returns in October:

Autumn Meetings of the World Bank/IMF and the UN Millennium Review Summit.

Progress on the outcomes of the G8 Summit

Darfur (follow-up on the Committee’s 5th Report, Session 2004-05)

The WTO Hong Kong Ministerial

Press Notices giving further details will be issued nearer the time


Further Information:

The committee is staffed by the following: Alistair Doherty, Clerk 020 7219 1226; Hannah Weston, Second Clerk, 020 7219 0851; Alan Hudson, Committee Specialist, 020 7219 1522; Anna Dickson, Committee Specialist, 020 7219 2738; Katie Phelan, Committee Assistant, 020 7219 1221; Jenny Steele, Committee Secretary, 020 7219 1223; Philip Jones, Senior Office Clerk, 020 7219 6287

Media Enquiries: Adele Brown, 020 7219 0724 or

Committee website:

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Publications/Reports/Reference Material: Copies of all select committee reports are available from the Parliamentary Bookshop (12 Bridge Street, Westminster, 020 7219 3890) or the Stationery Office (0845  7023474)