Press Notice 20, Session 2004-05

Conflict and Development

Oral Evidence Sessions

Date and venue



Tuesday 15 March  2005,  Palace of Westminster or Portcullis House (tbc)


Professor Robert Picciotto (Kings College, London), Mr Dan Smith (International Alert) and Mr Paul Eavis (Saferworld



Dr Bruce Jones (Deputy Research Director for the UN High Level Panel), Mr Javier Nino Perez (Conflict Prevention Unit, European Commission) and Mr Tidjane Thiam (Peace and Security Commissioner, Commission for Africa).



A cross-Whitehall panel of officials with representatives from DFID, FCO, MOD and the newly created Post-Conflict Reconstruction Unit (PCRU)

The extent of the complex links between conflict and development have been highlighted by a recent high-profile conflicts in Darfur, Iraq and Afghanistan.  A number of UK and international initiatives launched recently have touched on the issues of conflict and development, including: the UN High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change; the Commission for Africa; the OECD DAC Senior-Level forum on fragile states, and the UK Cabinet office report on Countries at Risk of Instability.  This is therefore a timely opportunity for the International Development Committee to explore how DFID is engaging with, and responding to, the growing international dialogue on conflict and development.

The evidence session will explore the links between conflict and development focusing on the following areas:

  • the nature of the issues surrounding conflict and development;

  • DFID’s policies on conflict and development;

  • how DFID’s policies are integrated into cross-Whitehall initiatives on conflict; and,

  • how DFID’s policies relate to EU and multilateral initiatives on conflict and development.

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The membership of the Committee is as follows: Tony Baldry (Chairman) (Conservative), John Barrett (Liberal Democrat), Mr John Battle (Labour), Hugh Bayley (Labour), Mr John Bercow (Conservative), Ann Clwyd (Labour), Mr Tony Colman (Labour), Mr Quentin Davies (Conservative), Mr Piara S. Khabra (Labour), Chris McCafferty (Labour), and Tony Worthington (Labour).

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