International Development Committee: Remit

About the Committee

The International Development Committee is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department for International Development and its associated public bodies.  The Committee also takes an interest in the policies and procedures of the multilateral agencies and non-government organisations to which DFID contributes.

The International Development Committee was created in 1997 in response to the creation of DFID (from what had formerly been the Overseas Development Administration).

The Committee is one of the departmental select committees, the powers of which are set out in the House of Commons Standing Orders, principally SO No. 152.  These are available on the Internet via

International (or “overseas”) development has been the subject of sustained select committee interest since 1967.  In session 1967-68 Sub-Committee C of the Estimates Committee produced a report on Overseas Aid.  From 1968 a separate Select Committee on Overseas Aid was established (later named the ‘Select Committee on Overseas Development’).

In 1979 the current system of departmental select committees was established.  There was no longer a select committee with the sole purpose of examining international development issues.  The responsibility for scrutiny of this aspect of government activity was transferred to the Foreign Affairs Committee.  The Foreign Affairs Committee had the power to appoint a sub-committee to look at international development questions in more detail. 

Standing Order No 152 (Select Committees related to Government Departments) was amended on 8 July 1997 to provide for an International Development Committee to be established to examine the expenditure, policy and administration of the newly separate Department for International Development (DFID).

Current Membership of the Committee.

A full account of the Committee's activies is published in the latest Sessional Return 2005-06.  Formal minutes for Session 2005-06 and Session 2006-07 to date are also available.