Session 2008-09, 29 June 2009

Oral Evidence


This is a one-off evidence session to investigate the implementation of the government's e-Borders programme.

The Government is introducing a scheme to gather information on all travellers entering and leaving the UK, whether by air, sea or rail. The carrier companies (airlines, ferries, Eurostar and Eurotunnel) have to collect information electronically from all passports and transmit that to the Government Uk Borders Agency. The port operators have to provide them with facilities to do so.

The Committee has been told by carriers that the programme is being rushed in without sufficient attention being given to the practical difficulties. The Committee has therefore invited a representative sample of the companies involved to give oral evidence about the problems they are facing.

The Committee is taking evidence from:

At 10.30 am

€ Tim Reardon, Chamber of Shipping (ferry companies)

At 10.50 am

€ John Powell, Managing Director, Dover Harbour

At 11.10 am

€ Eddie Redfern, Head of Regulatory Affairs, TUI Travel

At 11.30 am

€ Marc Noaro, Customer Service Director, Eurostar

Location: Committee Room 8 Palace of Westminster