Session 2008-09, 29 January 2009

Oral Evidence Session

Oral Evidence Session

Managing Migration: Points-Based System

The Home Affairs Committee will hold its second evidence session of the Committee’s inquiry into Managing Migration: Points-Based System on Tuesday 3 February 2009. The Committee previously took evidence on 8 July 2008. They temporarily suspended evidence-taking to allow for consideration of the draft Immigration and Citizenship Bill.

At 10.30 am

  • John Cridland, Deputy Director-General, Confederation of British Industry

At 11.00 am

  • Alastair Henderson, Joint Director, NHS Employers
  • Mandy Thorn, Vice Chairman, National Care Association

At 11.30 am

  • Paul Temple, Vice-President, National Farming Union
  • James Davies, General Manager, HOPS Labour Solutions

Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chairman of the Committee said:

“Following recent announcements from the Government that during this difficult economic period there will be British jobs for British workers, we are interested to investigate how this will affect various UK business sectors, and the immigrants who will come through the points-based system.

This session will focus on the health and care sectors’ ability to recruit specialist practitioners and nurses to fill shortages, and the temporary labour needs of the agricultural and horticultural sectors.

We are keen to explore possible impacts of the new system on a range of British industries, and especially why businesses still need to recruit skills from overseas when the recession in this country is fuelling unemployment.”

Location: Committee Room 15