Session 2008-09, 22 January 2009


Knife Crime

Home Affairs Select Committee holds knife crime seminar in Leeds

The Home Affairs Committee will visit Leeds on Monday 26 January to hold a round-table discussion with key individuals involved in preventing and enforcing youth violence in the North of England as part of its ongoing inquiry into knife crime.

Committee Members will learn about the international award-winning Leeds Weapons Awareness Programme, gain a better understanding of the scale of stabbings from accident and emergency data provided by the Trauma and Research Audit Network and hear emerging findings from communities working together to tackle knife crime in the Merseyside Young Transformers Programme.

Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chairman of the Committee said:

"As part of our inquiry we are building a picture of the prevalence and characteristics of knife crime in different parts of England and Wales. It is therefore important that we get out of Westminster to visit Leeds and other cities to hear about their experiences and learn from their good practice."

Details of this inquiry were set out in a press notice issued on 15 July 2008.