Session 2008-09, 15 January 2009

Oral Evidence

Knife Crime

The Home Affairs Committee will hold the third evidence session of the Committee's inquiry into Knife Crime on Tuesday 20 January 2009.

At 10.30am

€ Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan , Head, Violence Reduction Unit (Scotland) and Strathclyde Police

From approximately 11.00 am

€ Ann Oakes-Odger

€ Ian Levy

The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee made the following statement:

"In this session, we will discuss innovative approaches to tackling knife crime from Scotland and the US, and hear from Ann Oakes-Odger, whose son Westley was killed in a knife attack in Colchester in 2005, and Ian Levy, whose son Robert was killed in Hackney in 2004, about their experiences and demands for action. "

Location: Wilson Room, Portcullis House