Session 2008-09, 4 December 2008

Oral Evidence

Human Trafficking

The Home Affairs Committee will hold the seventh and final evidence session of the Committee's inquiry into Human Trafficking on Tuesday 9 December 2008.

At 10.30am

Metropolitan Police

€ Commander Allan Gibson, Human Trafficking Unit

€ Detective Chief Superintendent Nigel Mawer, Human Trafficking Unit

€ Detective Inspector Gordon Valentine, Paladin Team

€ Detective Inspector Susan Knight, Paladin Team

At 11.15 am

London Councils and the Association of Directors of Children's Services

€ Councillor Shiree Ritchie, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

€ Steve Liddicott, Director of Planning, Performance and Commissioning, Department for Children, Young People and Learners, Croydon Council, member of ADCS

At 11.45 am

€ Alan Campbell, MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Crime Reduction, Home Office

€ Rt Hon Harriet Harman, MP, Leader of the House of Commons

The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee made the following statement:

"The Government has announced a series of legislative changes over the past few weeks in regards to women and trafficking for sexual exploitation which would hold men responsible when they have sex with a prostitute that has been trafficked or coerced in some way. It is important that the committee examine the Government on these most recent proposals."

"This is the final evidence session on this inquiry which has taken the committee to Kiev and Moscow. The committee has seen the lack of co-ordination across Europe in tackling this issue, the difficulties faced by victims once they are in the UK and the poor rate of prosecutions. There will also be questions surrounding the funding of specialist human trafficking operations in the MET."

Location: Wilson Room, Portcullis House