Session 2007-08, 11 November 2008

Oral Evidence

Managing Migration: Draft Immigration and Citizenship Bill

Suspension of oral evidence

The Home Affairs Committee today decided to suspend its programme of oral evidence on the draft (partial) Immigration and Citizenship Bill. It will resume taking evidence once the full Bill is introduced in the new parliamentary session.

The Committee will shortly publish the written evidence which it has received on the draft Bill. This will be available on the Committee's website at http://parliament.uk/homeaffcom.

Committee Chairman, Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, said:

"The Committee has taken persuasive and useful oral evidence from a range of witnesses on the draft Bill in a number of sessions. However, we feel that without the full provisions of the Bill, our scrutiny can not be as effective as it should be. We have therefore decided to suspend taking evidence until the Government publishes the full Bill, which we urge it to do as soon as possible".