Session 2007-08, 3 November 2008

Publication of Special Report

Publication of Special Report

Further Government response to the Committee's report on Domestic Violence, Forced Marriage and "Honour"-Based Violence

On 13 June 2008 the Home Affairs Committee published its Sixth Report of Session 2007-08, Domestic Violence, Forced Marriage and "Honour"-Based Violence, HC 263-I & II. The Government's response to the Report was published as a Command Paper (Cm 7450) in July 2008.

The Committee has received a further response from the Government on 30 September 2008. It will publish this further response as a Special Report at 11.00am on Thursday 6th November 2008. Electronic copies will be available by request from Committee staff on homeaffcom@parliament.uk, and will be uploaded onto the Committee's website by the end of the day, at: www.parliament.uk/homeaffcom.