Home Affairs Committee Press Release

Session 2007-08, 19 February 2008

Announcement updating the e-consultation into Domestic Violence

Announcement updating the e-consultation into Domestic Violence


The Home Affairs Committee online consultation into domestic abuse, forced marriage and “honour”-based” violence is receiving disturbing and compelling testimony from people who have suffered all kinds of domestic violence.

One person submitting testimony about escaping from a forced marriage tells of the lack of understanding of what is perceived as a “cultural” or “religious” issue instead of a criminal abuse, and of services unable to deliver on promises and reassurance given in these circumstances.

The online consultation, which runs to the end of February, is receiving testimony from survivors of forced marriage and all kinds of domestic abuse, whether physical, emotional, sexual or psychological abuse, and whether by a relative, spouse or partner.

Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Committee, said:

“Many brave people have come forward and shared with us their devastating experiences and have made some very constructive points about what needs to change to help victims of this hidden crime.”

“I would like to encourage people who have escaped from a violent relationship or a forced marriage to tell us what helped them do so and what actions they would recommend to someone in a similar situation.”

Keith Vaz MP Chairman of the Committee said:

“The evidence that we have taken so far has been very moving and compelling. Domestic violence is no longer the hidden crime that it once was. I hope that this inquiry is going some way to ensure that more and more help is available for the men and women that suffer at the hands of violent partners and family.”

Details of this inquiry were set out in a press notice issued on 26 July 2007.