Home Affairs Committee Press Notice


Following the evidence it has received from the Home Secretary, the Police Federation and others on the police pay settlement for 2007, the Committee has unanimously decided to write to the Home Secretary asking her to accept the recommendation of the Police Arbitration Tribunal in full.

A copy of the letter from the Chairman of the Committee to the Home Secretary is attached. ____________________________________________________

Letter to Rt Hon Jacqui Smith, MP, Home Secretary

Police pay

When you gave evidence to the Home Affairs Committee on 11 December, we raised with you our concerns about the Government's proposal to stage the 2.5% pay award recommended by the Police Arbitration Tribunal.

Since then, we have also taken oral evidence from Mr Ken Jones, the President of ACPO, from the Police Federation and from Mr Steve Green, Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire. This evidence has reinforced our concerns about the harmful effect of the Government's decision on police morale, on recruitment and retention, and on the general level of trust that should exist between police officers and the Government.

We do not accept that the police are in the same position as other public service workers in that they do not have the ability to withdraw their labour in pursuit of any pay claim. We feel therefore that it is incumbent on the Government to honour the recommendations of the independent tribunal. This is a question of trust.

We are therefore unanimous in asking you to change your mind and accept the recommendation in full. Police authority budgets have already made provision for payment of the 2.5% increase for the whole year. A decision by you to pay the new rates from 1 September this year would be a demonstration of the Government's good faith and a just reward for police officers.

Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP