Home Affairs Committee Formal Minute

Tuesday 3 June 2008

Members present:

Keith Vaz, in the chair
Tom Brake
Ms Karen Buck
Ann Cryer
David T.C. Davies
Mrs Janet Dean
Patrick Mercer
Gwyn Prosser
Martin Salter
Mr David Winnick

Managing Migration

The Committee considered this matter.

Resolved, That the Committee inquire into managing migration, with the following terms of reference:

The Committee will inquire into the Government’s implementation plans for its new points-based migration system, including an examination of the impact of the proposed system on particular groups and sectors and an assessment of the introduction of new sponsorship arrangements

The Committee will consider the Government’s proposals across a number of different areas, including:

• The proposed points-based managed migration system;

• the implementation of Tier 1 (highly-skilled migrants);

• the impact on certain sectors of phasing out sector-specific schemes, including the Seasonal Agricultural Worker’s Scheme and Sectors Based Schemes;

• the effect of the proposed changes on the education, sports and culture sectors;

• proposed sponsorship arrangements, including the impact of fees and greater responsibility on small and medium enterprises; and

• the immigration-related provisions of the Government’s draft Citizenship, Immigration and Borders Bill (when available).

Committee’s future programme (Policing in the 21st Century)

The Committee considered this matter.

Policing in the 21st Century

Sir Simon Milton, Chair, Local Government Association, and Chief Constable Julie Spence, Cambridgeshire Constabulary; Rob Chester, Head of Licensing, Asda, James Lowman, Chief Executive, Association of Convenience Stores, Rob Hayward OBE, Chief Executive, British Beer and Pub Association, and Alan Brown, Director for Group Loss, Prevention and Security, Tesco; and Stephen Otter, Chief Constable, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, gave oral evidence.

 [Adjourned till Tuesday 10 June at 10.15 am.