Formal minutes

Tuesday 13 June 2006

Members present:

Mr John Denham, in the Chair
Mr Richard Benyon
Mr James Clappison
Mrs Janet Dean
Mr Shahid Malik
Margaret Moran
Gwyn Prosser
Bob Russell
Martin Salter
Mr Richard Spring
Mr Gary Streeter
Mr David Winnick

Declaration of interests

Margaret Moran declared her interests pursuant to the resolution of the House of 13 July 1992, as follows:

"Land and Property

Farmhouse in Spain, from which rental income is received.

Leasehold flat in London SW1


Chair of the All-Party Group on Domestic Violence

Chair of EURIM, a Parliamentary Industry ICT group"

Martin Salter declared his interests pursuant to the resolution of the House of 13 July 1992, as follows:

"Sponsorship or financial or material support

Donations to my constituency party received from:



Westcoast Ltd; computer wholesalers

Overseas visits

18-27 February 2006, to Kashmir and Sri Lanka. Four day visit to Pakistan and Kashmir with the All-Party Parliamentary Kashmir Group to visit earthquake zone. My flight from London to Islamabad and two nights' hotel accommodation was provided by the Pakistan Government. (Two nights' accommodation provided by friends.) Five day visit to Sri Lanka for Reading Initiative for Tsunami Action (RITA) to hand over RITA funded homes for tsunami victims and assess future projects. I received three nights' complimentary accommodation at Barbaryn Reef Hotel, Beruwela. (I paid for my flights from Islamabad to Karachi, from Karachi to Colombo and return to London, and for one night's hotel accommodation in Colombo.)


Secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Punjabis in Britain and on Kashmir

Member of Amnesty International

Government's spokesman for angling and shooting, reporting directly to the Minister for Sport"

Sentencing Guidelines: Domestic Violence

(Minutes of Proceedings relating to the Committee's consideration of the Report on the Draft Sentencing Guideline on Domestic Violence are published in the Second Report from the Home Affairs Committee, Session 2005-2006 (HC 1231, page 16))

Terrorism Detention Powers

The Committee considered this matter.

Immigration Control Inquiry

Liam Byrne MP, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Nationality, Home Office, Lord Triesman of Tottenham, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Lin Homer, Director General, Immigration and Nationality Directorate, and Denise Holt, Director Migration and Overseas Territories, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, gave oral evidence.

[Adjourned till Tuesday 20 June at a quarter to Ten o'clock.