Formal Minutes

Tuesday 22 November 2005

Members present:
Mr John Denham, in the Chair
Colin Burgon
Mr James Clappison
Mrs Ann Cryer
Mrs Janet Dean
Nick Harvey
Nick Herbert
Steve McCabe
Mr Shahid Malik
Mr Gary Streeter
Mr David Winnick

Feedback from witnesses
The Committee considered this matter.

Terrorism detention powers
Resolved, That the Committee inquire into the police case for an increase in detention powers in respect of terrorism suspects, examining the strength of the specific arguments put forward in support of 90-day pre-charge detention, the value and effectiveness of safeguards provided by judicial oversight, and possible alternatives to extending detention powers.

UK-US Extradition Treaty
Senior District Judge Tim Workman; Sally Ireland, Senior Legal Office, JUSTICE; and Andy Burnham MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office, gave oral evidence.

[Adjourned till Tuesday 29 November at Ten o'clock.