Formal Minutes

Tuesday 11 October 2005

Members present:
Mr John Denham, in the Chair
Mr Richard Benyon
Mr Jeremy Browne
Colin Burgon
Mr James Clappison
Mrs Ann Cryer
Nick Herbert
Steve McCabe
Mr Shahid Malik
Gwyn Prosser
Mr Gary Streeter
Mr David Winnick

The Committee's programme of work
The Committee considered this matter.

Resolved, That the Chairman seek the approval of the Liaison Committee for a visit by the Committee in connection with its inquiry into the operation of Immigration and Nationality Directorate.

The draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill
Resolved, That memoranda received by the Sub-committee on the draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill be published.

Ordered, That Professor Celia Wells and Professor Chris Clarkson be appointed Specialist Advisers to assist the Sub-committee on the draft Corporate Manslaughter Bill.

Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Codes (PACE Codes)
Ordered, That the Home Office be informed of the Committee's view that the Government's proposed revisions to the PACE Codes of Practice be subject to affirmative parliamentary procedure.

Draft Terrorism Bill
The Rt Hon Charles Clarke MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department;  Roger Smith, Director, and Eric Metcalfe, Human Rights Policy Director, JUSTICE, Alexandra Marks, Chair, Law Reform Board, and Vicki Chapman, Head of Law Reform, the Law Society, and Shami Chakrabarti, Director, and Gareth Crossman, Director, Policy, Liberty, gave evidence.

[Adjourned till Tuesday 25 October at a quarter past Ten o'clock.