Home Affairs Committee Press Notice

Session 2005-06, dated 20 July 2005

Chairman and membership of the Home Affairs Committee

At its first meeting of the new Parliament, the Home Affairs Committee chose the Rt Hon John Denham MP to be its Chairman.

Mr Denham has been Member of Parliament for Southampton, Itchen since 1992. He was a Minister at the Department for Social Security from 1997-99, the Department of Health 1999-2001 and the Home Office 2001-03. He was Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee from 2003 until the 2005 General Election.

Minutes of Proceedings relating to the election of Chairman

The following is an extract from the Committee's Minutes of Proceedings for today, Wednesday 20 July 2005:

Resolved, That Mr John Denham do take the Chair of the Committee.

The Chairman declared the following interests:

Occasional fees from journalism and addressing seminars for a variety of organisations (total up to £5,000)

The full membership of the Committee is as follows:

Rt Hon John Denham MP (Chairman) (Southampton, Itchen, Labour)
Mr Richard Benyon MP (Newbury, Conservative)
Mr Jeremy Browne MP (Taunton, Liberal Democrats)
Colin Burgon MP (Elmet, Labour)
Mr James Clappison MP (Hertsmere, Conservative)
Mrs Ann Cryer MP (Keighley, Labour)
Mrs Janet Dean MP (Burton, Labour)
Nick Harvey MP (North Devon, Liberal Democrats)
Mr Nick Herbert MP (Arundel & South Downs, Conservative)
Steve McCabe MP (Birmingham, Hall Green, Labour)
Mr Shahid Malik MP (Dewsbury, Labour)
Gwyn Prosser MP (Dover, Labour)
Mr Gary Streeter MP (South West Devon, Conservative)
Mr David Winnick MP (Walsall North, Labour)

The interests declared by all committee members will be available in due course as an appendix to the Committee's formal minutes of its first meeting, dated 20 July 2005, on the Committee website.