Home Affairs Committee Press Notice

Session 2003-04, dated 26 April 2004

HOME AFFAIRS COMMITTEE TO SCRUTINISE ID CARDS BILL - Denham pledges 'thorough examination'

Home Affairs Committee Chairman, Rt Hon John Denham MP, today responded to the publication of the government's draft legislation on identity cards.

Over the last five months the Committee has taken evidence on a wide range of issues relating to identity cards. It will now be responsible for detailed examination and scrutiny of the draft bill.

Commenting, John Denham MP said:

 "In the course of our current inquiry we have taken both written and oral evidence on the broad issues and controversies that surround ID cards. However, many questions remain unanswered about the practical aspects and implications of identity cards.

 "Now we have an opportunity to scrutinise specific proposals based on what the government has published today. 

 "It is vital that careful consideration is given to this important issue and that draft legislation is thoroughly examined. Informed debate is crucial."

As part of the inquiry, the Committee will take evidence from the Home Secretary David Blunkett MP on 4 May and will also be calling for written submissions on the draft bill as part of the process of pre-legislative scrutiny.