Home Affairs Committee Press Notice

Session 2003-04, dated 12 February 2004


The Home Affairs Committee publishes its Annual Report, AThe Work of the Home Affairs Committee in 2003  (HC 345) at 11.00 am on Thursday 19 February, as the Third Report of the Committee this Session.

The Committee's work over the past year has included two inquiries into aspects of the asylum system, "Asylum Removals" and "Asylum Applications". The Committee has commenced inquiries into two further areas of Home Office responsibility:  The Rehabilitation of Prisoners and Identity Cards.

In addition, the Committee has conducted scrutiny of Government legislation in the Sexual Offences Bill and the Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc.) Bill, publishing reports in advance of second reading debates in the House of Commons.

Wide-ranging annual oral evidence sessions with the Home Secretary and with the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office have allowed the Committee to examine departmental expenditure and performance.  The Committee has also held a series of sessions with agencies and public bodies associated with the Home Office.

The Committee has announced its intention of conducting scrutiny of draft sentencing guidelines produced by the new Sentencing Guidelines Council.

The published Report may be purchased from the Stationery Office Bookshops (tel: 0845 702 3474; email: books.order@theso.co.uk and the Parliamentary Bookshop, 12 Bridge Street, Parliament Square, London SW1A 2JX (tel: 020 7219 3890). The Report will be available on the Internet at http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmhaff.htm.