Home Affairs Committee Press Notice

Session 2002-03, dated 18 September 2003


The Home Affairs Committee has decided to conduct an inquiry into The Rehabilitation of Prisoners, with the following terms of reference:

The Committee will inquire into the effectiveness of prisons in reducing re-offending through rehabilitation. The Committee recognises the context of prison overcrowding, and will focus on what can be achieved in overcrowded conditions. The Committee will consider the provision to prisoners of education, paid work and programmes addressing offending behaviour, including therapeutic communities. Among the questions they will consider are:

•Are an adequate number of programmes being provided to rehabilitate prisoners?

•Are the programmes having an effect in reducing re-offending? If not, what should be done differently?

•Are vulnerable and difficult groups of prisoners receiving adequate rehabilitation-short-term prisoners, women, young offenders and those with mental health problems?

The Committee is seeking written submissions of no more than 2,000 words from interested parties, before it takes oral evidence on this inquiry. Organisations and individuals interested in making written submissions are invited to do so by 21 October 2003. Submissions should give the name and postal address of the person sending the memorandum and should state whether it has been prepared specifically for the Committee. If the memorandum is from an organisation rather than an individual, it should briefly explain the nature and membership of the organisation. The Committee may publish some of the submissions it receives.

Submissions should be sent to the Clerk of the Committee at the address below. If possible, please supply an electronic version in MS Word or Rich Text format, either by e-mail to homeaffcom@parliament.uk or on a disk. Further guidance on the submission of evidence can be found at http://www.parliament.uk/commons/selcom/witguide.htm.