House of Lords Information Committee

Information Services for Members

Parliamentary ICT services

The Committee advises and supports the Parliamentary Information and Communication Technology department (PICT) - the first joint department of both Houses of Parliament. The Committee receives regular performance reports from PICT, based on national benchmark standards, considers PICT’s annual report and proposes to have an input into future PICT business plans. In addition, the Committee holds regular meetings with the Director of PICT to discuss computing issues.

Library services

The Committee works closely with the staff of the House of Lords Library to develop and review plans for library services for Members.


The Official Report, or Hansard, is the record of speeches made in the House during the course of its proceedings. Hansard is produced by an Editor and staff who are accountable to the head of the House of Lords administration.

The Committee discusses proposals related to Hansard with the Editor of Debates. In October 2008, the Committee approved plans for a pilot exercise for Members to submit electronic corrections to draft speeches in Hansard.

The Committee also asked that a pilot be developed to link the online text of Hansard with the archived webcasts of the Chamber to enable users to watch, listen to and read a past debate at the same time. The Committee will review the results of the pilot demonstrator in due course and then consider whether to take the exercise further.